Schweissen & Schneiden 展览会上的浦利美

浦利美在Schweissen & Schneiden 展览会上展示其各种高质量系统。

08 七月 2013 浦利美在德国伊森举行的世界上最大焊接和切割展览会 - Schweissen & Schneiden 展览会上做展示。


本新闻发布以英文继续。/ This press release continues in English.


Plymovent presents its products and systems for extracting welding and cutting fumes in Hall 1.0, Stand D143.


System solutions

At this exhibition, Plymovent is focussing on its system solutions such as the Diluter general ventilation and filtration system. The Diluter system has been developed to control welding and cutting fumes in any work environment by diluting them with clean air. This ensures that your company does not exceed the legal limits for the concentration of welding fume in your workshop.


In addition we are exhibiting SHIELD fire safety solutions. These solutions have been developed to minimise the risk of fire in your welding fume extraction and filtration system. Filter fires arise from many causes, such as oily welding fumes or too many sparks and too much spatter. Lack of maintenance is also a factor. Plymovent is there to tell you all about it!


Of course, we also exhibit our core product range of fume extraction at source, such as our plastic and metal extraction arms and our DraftMax compact downdraft and backdraft workbench. FlexHood, the modular extraction hood from Plymovent, remains the perfect solution for (moving) welding robots and laser cutting tables, and is exhibited at the Schweissen & Schneiden.


Huib van den Berg, Vice President Business Unit Industrial Products: “Now is the time to stand out in this industry. We have over 35 years of experience and know exactly what welders need: a clean, safe and healthy working environment. We are there to make it happen! This time we will focus on our customised solutions. Plymovent is not just a company that sells products. We offer professional system solutions, we advise, design, engineer, install, train and support maintenance services onsite.” He continues: “Environmentally-friendly is not just a topic, smart controls reduce the impact on the environment significantly, save power and are cost-effective. In Essen, we really would like to show what we have to offer, as there is more to it than extracting and filtering!”


On-site presentations

Every day our Account Managers will give a range of presentations to explain our ways of working and demonstrate our products and systems. Make sure you pay us a visit, the latest presentation schedule is available at our stand.


Schweissen & Schneiden              Plymovent

16-21 September 2013                Hall 1.0

Essen, Germany                         Stand D143