Plymovent installation at Fortaco

Plymovent Diluters will be installed in 8 Fortaco’s locations, some projects have already been completed.
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国家 Estonia

The challenge

Fortaco was managing welding fume problems with source extraction, and more specific, with extraction arms. Because of the size of working pieces, welders could not relocate extraction arms when changing a welding position. As a consequence, welding fumes were escaping, instead of being extracted and cleaned. This was resulting in a polluted environment.

The solution

Fortaco contacted Plymovent to start testing of Diluter systems, where air to be recirculated and filtered. This was helping! The fume problem was solved to Fortaco’s great satisfaction, and Fortaco decided to buy Diluter systems to all factories.


Quote by Mr. Andras Csizmazia, Manager QHSE at Fortaco Group:
» “This is too good to be true”, was the common view among Fortaco’s engineers, when Plymovent Diluter system was introduced. First we made a reference visit to another company using Diluters, and after getting enough good reasons, we concluded a pilot at Fortaco’s factory in Wroclaw. Both workers’ opinions and annual air quality measurements indicated about the reduction of dust contamination in air, therefore this will be a standard equipment in Fortaco’s welding shop. ‹‹